Expert Fire Safety from George Saadian and His Team

When looking to equip your building with the best, most up to date fire safety equipment, you should always take time to seek out the best. At Fire Protection Group Inc., our team is comprised of all of the best fire safety experts from every aspect of the business. Head engineer George Saadian knows the ins and outs of the fire code better than anyone, and has even contributed to some of the current NFPA code. George makes sure that he passes this knowledge on to each member of the Fire Protection Group team, from the ones installing the systems, to those conducting fire pump testing on previously installed units.

In addition to George Saadian’s expert technical knowledge, Fire Protection Group benefits from the unmatched field experience of former Los Angeles Fire Department officials Captain Bob Holloway and former LAFD Assistant Chief, Al Hernandez. These men served long and respected careers in the fire department, and now lend their expert knowledge to Fire Protection Group in an effort to keep local businesses and buildings safe.

While many people know Fire Protection Group for our ability to install efficient and effective fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems, other businesses count on our inspection team to make sure that their currently installed equipment is working properly with regularly scheduled check-ups. The absolute worst time to figure out that any fire protection system is not working properly is when a fire is ripping through a building, so it is best to be proactive and always keep systems updated.