Experienced Fire Protection

The team at Fire Protection Group Inc. has over 200 years of combined experience. That’s a number rarely seen in any industry. But what does 200 years of experience actually break down into? It turns out, a whole lot. That’s because of those 200 years, 32 belong to Al Hernandez, who served as chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department. And another 30 belong to George Saadian, who wrote a noted book on fire prevention, and dedicated his career since his earliest days as a professional to mastering the fire prevention sector.

Saadian, Hernandez, and the rest of the team at Fire Protection Group Inc. are extraordinarily knowledgeable about almost every single aspect of fire protection and prevention, including standpipes water pumps, and NFPA25 testing. They’ve also done extensive research on fire sprinkler systems because they know how critical they can be in first few moments after a fire occurs—by far the most important in saving lives and mitigating the damage done by the fire.

And, as mentioned previously, Fire Protection Group Inc. can be an immense help with NFPA25 testing, and can make sure almost any building or residence is up to code and ready for inspection. And while this isn’t directly relevant to components that douse fires on the spot, or help firefighters to do so, it’s still important because it helps to make sure that a system can handle any and all stresses that may be put on it by an unforeseen fire. This is obviously important, because the more a system is tested, the more it can be trusted to react properly in an emergency.