Experience Expert Fire Pump Testing from the FPG, Inc. Team

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., we're proud to provide California with fire alarm systems and other equipment, consulting and testing that keeps buildings protected – even during the most notoriously fire-prone seasons. Led by our general manager and chief engineer George Saadian, our field crews are equipped with the most modern tools, allowing them to perform their tasks safely, accurately, and efficiently.

While most property owners and building managers are familiar with fire alarms and extinguishers, they may know a lot less about important fire prevention aids like stand pipes and fire pumps. However, in L.A. the fact is that fire pumps need to be inspected and tested annually – in compliance with Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Regulation #4. Fortunately, at FPG, Inc., we provide our customers with essential fire pump testing from a truly dedicated, expert team.

Depending on your system, testing of fire pumps may require more or less frequency. Due to our expertise in design, monitoring and installation, we're able to provide fire pumps quickly and affordably – and always up-to-date with various local and state codes, regulations and standards. In fact, we have an in-house facility for fire pump testing, meaning that no outsourcing is necessary.

Our team is always looking for ways to keep costs low for our customers, which is why we offer free testing for those who purchase their pumps from our company. Further still, we'll answer any questions you may have to ensure you get the most cost-effective fire prevention system for your property's needs.