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Electrical Generators

A complete fire protection system from Fire Protection Group, Inc. will include features that prepare you for every possible contingency. There are many reasons you may need electrical generators in the event of a fire. You’ll know yours is reliable when it comes from one of the top fire protection contractors in Southern California.

Since there may be many facets to fire prevention, your electrical generators may not the most obviously useful part, compared to fire sprinklers, alarms or standpipes, however, without standby generators certain parts of your system would not function.

Generating electricity in the event of a fire allows your computerized systems to continue functioning in an outage. This ensures power to your alarms and exit signs, along with the ability to control building functions like elevators and automatic doors. Elevators have their own internal safety systems, of course, but it’s good to know emergency generators will do some of the heavy lifting in case of a fire.

Home generators often differ greatly from the larger, usually diesel powered, electrical generators that allow water pumps to function. Home electrical generators, by contrast, are usually much smaller and easier to maintain.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. employs a team of experts in engineering, plumbing and more. In addition, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is run by experts in their field who know the fire codes inside and out, and have made it their life’s work to protect people from fire danger. For additional information, please call (888) 251-3488, or visit

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