Drought: Be Protected from Southern California’s Eventualities

Southern California is prone to severe drought – in 2014, the government declared “exceptional drought” for a quarter of the state’s land – meaning potential for disasters. In the Greater Los Angeles Area drought can result in wildfires, water shortages and more. Whether your property is near brush susceptible to fires, or you are unsure about the reliability of your fire alarm systems, Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers experience with ensuring valuable assets are properly protected.

Too often, property owners or managers assume the fire sprinklers they see above their heads each day provide all the safety they need. It’s not always the case, as true fire protection considers a multitude of eventualities. The professionals at Fire Protection Group, Inc. have been through most of them. We offer the experience of a retired Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) chief and captain who seemingly have seen it all.

For instance, for multi-storied buildings the fire sprinklers can be only as reliable as a fire pump. Without the fire pump, if water pressure is lost in higher-up floors, firefighters will have to get hoses and water upstairs, a physically demanding and time-consuming task. Gain true peace of mind through the fire season and prolonged drought by consulting with Fire Protection Group, Inc.

We offer fire pumps for sale as well as consultation services to ensure your property is prepared as best as it can be for the possibilities we know can occur in the Southland. Should fire strike you want to be ready, and Fire Protection Group, Inc. is the premier fire protection contractor.