Dependable First-Class Fire Protection Services and More

For many property owners and managers, maintenance costs are a primary concern. This includes the regular testing, inspection, and maintenance of their fire sprinklers and other fire safety systems. All pertinent codes (such as NFPA standards, California's Title #19, and LAFD Reg 4 tests) are legally imperative, but might be considered an unfruitful commitment in terms of time and money. This is why Fire Protection Group, Inc. strives to make the process as painless as possible. We are incredibly empathetic to the concerns of our clients and, when possible, interfere with their business as little as possible.

In fact, it's very often possible to perform all inspections and tests on your safety and fire alarm systems while keeping your doors open for business. In the rare chance, however, that it might interfere, then the unparalleled experience of the Fire Protection Group, Inc. team means that our work will proceed as efficiently as possible. Safety is, of course, the number one concern here at FPG, Inc., but we also work with the reality of the world in which financial concerns need to be given proper consideration.

From construction and testing of fire systems to our collection of sprinklers and fire pumps for sale, Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers comprehensive fire safety services from true experts in the field. The staff here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. pools over 200 years of experience bringing life and property-saving equipment to Southern Californians. If you want top-notch fire safety services from business-savvy experts, give FPG, Inc. a call!