Dedication to Fire Safety

Those who dedicate their lives to fighting and preventing fires are a special breed of people. They know that fire is extremely dangerous, but they also know that it needs to be respected. Los Angeles Fire Department officials usually learn this after fighting fires, when they see the destruction and chaos firsthand. Captain Bob Holloway knows this fact better than most; he’s dedicated his career to fire safety, and has spent much of his career working in construction oversight for the LAFD. And luckily for the Fire Protection Group Inc., Captain Bob is an important member of their company. He helps to make sure Fire Protection Group Inc. offers the best components (including standpipes and fire alarms), and the best service.

As a former Los Angeles Fire Department official, Captain Bob also understands more nuanced aspects of fire prevention, like NFPA25 testing which can be tough on small businesses. After serving for so many years in construction oversight, Captain Bob can help small businesses to make sure that they are compliant with the necessary rules and regulations, which can mean a big headache cured in the minds of business owners. Especially for those fledgling start-ups, fire safety is important, and should be made a high priority.

Captain Bob and his associates, including lead engineer and founder George Saadian as well as retired LAFD Chief Al Hernandez, at Fire Protection Group Inc. also offer excellent deals on critical fire prevention components such as fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps, because they know that these devices can save lives if a fire occurs. They know that these systems, when installed and maintained properly, can give local firefighters the few extra precious seconds they need to respond to the scene of a fire, and put out the blaze.