Covering All the Bases of Fire Safety

Fire safety in residential or commercial buildings can be a tricky field to decipher because of all of the different considerations that go into protecting people from a fire. Since fires often start due to human error, it is often impossible to prevent a fire from starting 100 percent of the time. With this in mind, fire safety then turns to the idea of both controlling the spread of a potential fire, and in alerting the residents or workers of a building so that they can safely evacuate if a fire ever does break out. To balance all of these considerations, it is important that businesses or building managers turn to a seasoned fire safety expert like George Saadian, and the rest of his team at Fire Protection Group Inc.

Fire Protection Group Inc. is a full service fire protection firm that designs and installs everything from sprinklers to fire alarm systems. While fire alarms are crucial for letting everyone in the building know that they need to evacuate, fire sprinklers are essential in helping control the blaze from spreading, buying residents valuable time to leave the building and often allowing fire fighters to defeat the blaze before the whole building is lost.

In addition to installing these valuable systems, Fire Protection Group Inc. also conducts tests and inspections to ensure that once the systems are installed, they will keep working properly so that they can do their job in the event of a fire. While many building managers do not think to schedule regular fire pump testing, these inspections are necessary in making sure that sprinkler systems receive the water they need to control a blaze, exactly where and when they need it.