Fire Protection Systems

The existing authorities perform an essential service when they inspect fire protection systems for safety in buildings with large capacities. Laws have been placed on the books in order to protect people who are sleeping, especially when they are sleeping in dense proximity. Imagine a world in which no laws looked after the fire safety of dormitories, motels, or hospitals. Picture a retirement home without adequate fire protection systems. Without a doubt, fire protection services are part of keeping Southern California safe.

But the best fire protection services are also necessary for making sure your system is functioning at top precision. Fire sprinkler systems or alarms that only give the appearance of safety are providing tenants, employees, residents or guests with a false sense of security aren’t enough. Fire Protection Group, Inc. (FPG, Inc.) is dedicated to making sure such fire protection systems are inspected, maintained, and if necessary, rebuilt, or reconfigured. Peace of mind should come, not from good Title 19 testing results, but from the knowledge, that your fire protection systems are actually the best.

Fire insurance is invaluable to property owners, since lessening the financial damage in the event of fire is another kind of safety. However, in the course of inspecting for fire safety their concerns might extend to areas in which they don’t need to intervene. As a long standing and reputable Fire Protection systems installer, our services can be retained to protect you from the unnecessary demands of fire departments, insurance companies, who can sometimes reach unfair conclusions that can cost you a fortune. Insurance companies and fire departments mean well, and we have strong business relationships with such organizations that allow us to negotiate and advocate for our clients.

For questions and concerns about fire protection systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.