Consider July 4th a Great Time for a Fire Protection Review

It’s not only the July Fourth holiday where Los Angeles area residents have to worry about the dangers of fireworks. Most Angelenos are aware that the popping of firecrackers can be heard during weeks leading up to the nation’s birthday celebration; and mini explosions can persist for days after July 4. It’s the kind of annual tradition that causes property owners and managers to review their fire sprinklers, or even consult with fire protection professionals like Fire Protection Group, Inc.

Extensive fire alarm systems are worthwhile for any size of structure, but they do little to address fire damage already sustained. Many property owners or managers might be surprised at how an inspection can result in recommendations to prevent a fireworks-ignited structural fire in the first place. Fire Protection Group, Inc. provides fire protection consulting to expertly point out areas of a property vulnerable to accidental ignition.

Elements such as particular types of trees too close to a structure, or unprotected exterior vents, are simple enough to identify. Fire Protection Group, Inc. goes further by providing the expertise of a retired Los Angeles Fire Department captain and chief who are knowledgeable of current federal, state and local fire protection regulations as well as modern best practices.

When you are ready to do more than merely protect the exterior of your building from fireworks, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can provide everything from fire extinguishers and sprinklers to testing, fire pumps for sale and fire escape ladders. For us, fire and fire safety never sleeps, which is why our aim is to keep your system operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While fireworks may be most associated with Independence Day, other holidays such as New Year’s Eve can serve the same purpose. The more reminders you can get to consistently review your fire protection system – even if it means doing it when clocks are changed for Daylight Savings – the better.