Comply with LAFD Reg 4 Conveniently and with Confidence

Abiding by government fire safety regulations does not have to be unnerving. It is, after all, a vital part of owning or managing a property that in the end can save lives. The process for meeting codes such as Chief’s Regulation Number 4 by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is simplified through assistance from Fire Protection Group, Inc. We make the process for the annual fire sprinklers inspection, mandated by LAFD Reg 4, as convenient as possible.

Getting your fire alarm systems, fire sprinklers and other fire protection elements up to code can be handled efficiently with the expertise and experience offered by Fire Protection Group, Inc. Meeting the minimum requirements for code is one thing, but perhaps more important is gaining peace of mind that inhabitants and visitors to your structures are completely safe.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers a free quote for any of our services, ranging from automated sprinklers to standpipes, elevator safety, emergency power, fire escape assemblies, fire pumps and more. Our staff includes retired high-level LAFD employees familiar with LAFD Reg 4 who also can perform most National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) tests including the familiar NFPA 25.

What good are your property’s fire protection systems if they are not properly inspected and tested? Every property owner and manager wants safety for those inside. Fully functioning sprinkler and fire alarm systems save lives, and for taller structures we provide additional reassuring measures including installation, inspection and consulting on fire pumps, as well as fire pumps for sale. Our projects over the years have included everything from low-, mid- and high-rise buildings, medical facilities and large shopping complexes.