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Class A Fire Extinguisher

Unsure of how to retrofit your building with the appropriate fire extinguishers? Unsure of the various fire extinguisher types and their effects on fire? Well, simply ask the fire safety consultants at Fire Protection Group, Inc. to come to your industrial, commercial, or residential location and they will set you on the right track.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. has a knowledgeable testing and inspection department that can be available 24 hours a day. Our team can come to your location and see where and what type of fire extinguisher is legally mandated and recommended for your space. Fire Protection Group, Inc. can also test your inspect the fire extinguishers you do have in order to make sure they are capable of handling an unfortunate accident.

In terms of fire extinguishers specifically, Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers all types of fire extinguishers for sale. Unless there are special materials around, the most common extinguisher needed is a Class A fire extinguisher. A Class A fire extinguisher is used for the most common combustible materials (like paper, plastic, cloth, wood, rubber, and more). Office buildings, homes, furniture stores, and other type of establishments rely on a Class A fire extinguisher to protect its property and inhabitants from danger. Fire Protection Group, Inc. can supply you with the appropriate number of fire extinguishers, the suitable class of extinguisher, and will also guarantee that the placement of your extinguishers is in line with local codes. Call us today at (888) 251-3488 or visit for more information.

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