The team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc. is led by one of the finest group of professionals in the industry. At its top level, it includes George Saadian, Al Hernandez, and Captain Bob Holloway. The last of which, is a former Los Angeles Fire Department official who has decades of experience with almost every aspect of fire protection and prevention, including construction services and code modifications.

Another facet of fire prevention services that Captain Holloway is familiar with is the water system formed by standpipes and they’re related components. Standpipes, for those who are unaware, help fire fighters by helping to deliver water directly to the floor on which the fire is occurring. This can save time, and damage, by eliminating the need to run the hoses in through windows from the street, or running a hose up the stairs.

Fire sprinkler systems are also an area of fire protection well within Holloway’s expertise. Fire sprinklers, like standpipe systems, help to deliver water to the source of a fire. The difference with fire sprinkler systems however, is that they are activated automatically when they first detect a fire. This allows them to suppress the fire until fire fighters can arrive, or in some cases, eliminate the blaze completely.

Finally, in terms of the list of areas that Captain Holloway and his FPG, Inc. colleagues have experience in, is NFPA25 testing and all of the details that go into making the changes that are deemed necessary by that test. With NFPA25 testing, Captain Holloway can make sure that a business’s fire prevention systems are up to date, and ready to activate should the need arise.