Captain Bob Holloway: A Leader in Fire Safety

When you’re looking for a fire protection agency in the Greater Los Angeles area, chances are, you’ll want a company that has experience dealing with the Los Angeles Fire Department. Luckily, there are companies that not only have experience dealing with the Los Angeles Fire Department, but actual former high-ranking members who serve as leaders of their teams. And one of these fire protection consulting firms that stand out from the rest is Fire Protection Group, Inc.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. is led by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in the business, and all of its members, including George Saadian, Al Hernandez, and Captain Bob Holloway, have dedicated their efforts to making sure that as many firms as possible in the Greater Los Angeles Area have access to affordable, top-tier fire prevention systems and services. Both George Saadian and Al Hernandez have extensive experience in the fire prevention field, and Holloway and Hernandez are also former high-ranking Los Angeles Fire Department officials.

Captain Bob Holloway also stands out as a leader in the field because he has dedicated his career to everything from standpipe systems to fire sprinkler systems to fire alarm systems. Holloway is also an expert when it comes to NFPA25 testing, which means he can help to make sure that all of your systems are in order, reliable, and ready to pass muster if any local or state officials want to make sure your systems are in order. Contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. today via the phone or web; their customer service team is on standby, and ready to make your properties and their occupants safer and more secure.