Call Fire Protection Group, Inc. For the Best Sprinklers in the Business

The business model here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is very straightforward: provide the most comprehensive and solid fire safety services in Los Angeles. Customers who come to us once for fire sprinkler systems, for example, will be so pleased with their experience that they'll stick around for years for all required inspection and maintenance. Plus, we truly believe that word of mouth is an incredibly powerful tool.

This means that we get the luxury of focusing on providing the best in fire sprinkler inspection, design, maintenance, repair, and more. The Fire Protection Group, Inc. team brings together 200 years of experience in the industry, working on some of the most important and difficult types of buildings possible. In fact, you can see plenty of our work throughout Los Angeles, including on college campuses, sprawling residential complexes, malls, restaurants, and much more.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers the best services in the industry because we hire only the best. George Saadian, lead engineer and general manager, has himself revised codes for the NFPA and has worked on many regional boards concerned with fire sprinkler systems. As general manager, Mr. Saadian has pulled in the best of the best, including two recruits from the Los Angeles Fire Department itself. These men are Chief Al Hernandez, who worked with the LAFD for over 32 years as an inspector and Fire Chief, and Captain Bob Holloway, who was in charge of construction services and much more with the LAFD. Similarly, Fire Protection Group, Inc.'s team includes incredibly talented pipe fitters, who are masters in sprinkler and fire alarm systems and are even authorized to perform LAFD Regulation #4 testing.