Better Safe than Tragically Sorry

We all know that fire can be extremely dangerous. Yet, for some reason, it's a risk we find all too easy to put out of our minds while we focus on other concerns that may seem more urgent. Fortunately, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to ensure that companies are not simply equipped with the finest fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems, but they are using them in the right way to ensure that lives and property are as safe as possible.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. general manager and lead engineer George Saadian is a nationally renowned expert in the field. He has been personally involved in the revision of aspects of the guidelines created by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). He knows that both business and residential properties need to be fully compliant in terms of satisfying all legal mandates; he also knows that it's even more important that they are actually kept as safe as possible from the very real threat of a fire.

With the help of retired Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, Mr. Saadian is here to ensure that sprinkler and fire alarm systems are utilized in the smartest, most cost efficient manner possible. Fire Protection Group Inc. is about much more than sales and installation of fire safety systems, it's also about providing the kind of maintenance to ensure that systems remain up to code and in fully operational order.

From fire sprinkler inspection to full fire safety consultation services, FPG, Inc. is here to help owners and managers of businesses and residences to be as safe as possible, so they never have to be sorry.