Benefits of a Turn-key Operation for Fire Protection Solutions

Ensuring your property is in tip-top shape as it relates to fire protection does not have to be an all-consuming proposition. Too many property owners or managers can get overwhelmed just thinking about such a project, with accompanying contractors, installation work and purchasing of materials. Fire Protection Group, Inc. proudly adheres to the principles of a “turn-key operation” to eliminate the worry about all elements of a fire protection project, from selecting design to installation of fire sprinklers, maintenance and more.

Applying the definition of “turn-key,” Fire Protection Group, Inc. can handle every single element needed for a fire protection project, so at the end your property is immediately ready for use. We assume total control of the project, including designing fire alarm systems and performing all necessary construction work. Everything is done in-house by our qualified staff of fire protection consultants, project managers, designers, engineers, fabricators and field crews.

Not everyone can be expected to have experience looking for fire pumps for sale, after all. Those responsible for every aspect of managing a structure have better things to do than expend energy searching for fire hydrants. Our turn-key operation means you can be as involved as you want, such as in formulating a concept or designing a plan, and leave the rest to the expert professionals at Fire Protection Group, Inc.

A state-of-the-art fabrication facility at Fire Protection Group, Inc. ensures precise fit and quality production, and is overseen by an experienced and factory-trained staff. For planning or inspection expertise, we proudly employ retired Los Angeles Fire Department high-level personnel to ensure only the best practices in modern fire protection measures are implemented.