Be Proactive, Not Reactive when Preventing Fires

The key to preparedness for any emergency situation is to take action before a disaster occurs to limit the damage when it does. So, when it comes to fire safety, this means scheduling an appointment with a full-service fire safety firm like Fire Protection Group Inc. to have a fire sprinkler inspection. Many people incorrectly assume that once a system is installed, it will continue to work properly and do its job when needed. This assumption can cost a business dearly. Failing to be proactive in the maintenance of fire sprinkler systems is one of the best ways to assure that the system will not work as intended when a fire breaks out.

Many people will only become aware of the need for fire protection when a fire happens in their business or in a neighboring business, but this does not need to be the case. Fire Protection Group Inc. not only is the go-to business for the testing of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems, we are also one of the best, most experienced design firms that can install custom systems in any building. We handle every step of the process, from design all the way to installation, so you don’t have to worry about shoddy work being done by an unknown subcontractor. We are staffed with some of the brightest engineering minds in the field of fire protection and construction, in addition to veterans of the Los Angeles Fire Department who know exactly what it takes to stop a fire.