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Back Up Generator

Since almost all of the technology we use today is based at least partially on electronics, we tend to take our dependence on electricity for granted. However, in the event of a fire, the power needed even for many crucial fire suppression systems is very often cut off completely. Hence, a back up generator is a crucial aspect of any sophisticated fire protection plan for a business or residential complex.

The staff of Fire Protection Group, Inc. is comprised of extremely savvy experts in the fields of fire prevention, suppression, and safety. Led by lead engineer and general manager George Saadian and retired Los Angeles Fire Department chief Al Hernandez, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is able to provide our customers with the information they need to reduce the risk and potential damage from a fire. Indeed, as experts who have personally helped to revise many of the extant legal codes governing fire safety for buildings, Messrs. Saadian and Hernandez are in a unique position to help their clients achieve full compliance with all laws while maximizing the level of safety in their buildings, especially when standby generators are concerned. 

To be specific, Fire Protection Group, Inc. will be able to provide a customer with specific information about the correct type of back up generator a specific building may need – or even if one is needed at all. With their sophisticated level of understanding of both the engineering of modern buildings and the unique physics of fire, the Fire Protection Group, Inc. staff can help you design all aspect of your fire safety regimen, from fire pumps to and standpipes to home generators and more. Fire Protection Group, Inc. provides everything you need in the way of fire safety, including emergency generators.

For more information on a back up generator or anything else having to do with fire safety, call 888-732-4200 or submit a proposal request.

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