Award Winning Engineering Team Leads Fire Protection in LA

When it comes to relying on professionals for personal safety, you expect experience and expertise. Both are critical qualities which is why people who have your life in their hands, from airline pilots, to firefighters, and law enforcement officers, must receive extensive training before they are placed in an active role. At Fire Protection Group, our priority is to keep people safe by providing the very best in fire control systems with service from only the most highly trained, most experienced technicians and engineers available.

Our expert team isn’t just familiar with fire codes, they have helped create them. Renowned lead engineer George Saadian and former Los Angeles Fire Department chief Al Hernandez, have both written revisions and additions to fire regulations, including NFPA25 testing. As members of Fire Protection Group, their extensive expertise and experience are at your disposal to ensure your building is not only safe and up to code, but that your fire control systems are cost productive and best suited to meet your individual needs.

Our collective, combined experience of over 200 years means that we can comfortably operate efficiently within virtually every building type. Our work extends from high rises to single family homes, and covers a large range of fire control systems from pumps to Standpipes. After a free inspection, we will determine which systems are most appropriate for you whether that means installing small alarms, or more complex fire sprinkler systems. We handle the installation, and remain in you corner with 24 hour a day/7 days a week maintenance service for all of our products. There’s no reason to have anything but the best, and at Fire Protection Group we deliver the highest caliber protection by the best, most experienced staff in the LA area.