At Fire Protection Group, Inc., You'll Find Top Quality Fire Sprinklers

From fire alarm systems to standpipes, emergency generators, extinguishers and more, there are many options available to ensure proper protection from the threat of wildfire. Yet, among all of these, there is perhaps nothing that is more essential than quality fire sprinkler systems. In Los Angeles, there is no better option for design, installation and inspection of sprinklers than Fire Protection Group, Inc.

Thanks to our years of experience providing our expertise throughout Southern California, we have earned esteem with government officials, municipalities, inspectors and much more. At FPG, Inc., all installations are completed by factory-trained crews whose training, experience and skill help deliver a quality product on or ahead of schedule.

The team at FPG, Inc. is fully committed to a long-term involvement to fire protection, a fact that is entirely clear through the work of our award-winning design team. By utilizing a "turn-key operation" philosophy, fire alarm systems and sprinklers that are designed by FPG, Inc. are always as effective and simple-to-use as possible. This ensures that in the case that the worst is to occur, our preventative measures will work the way they were designed to – every time. Perhaps most importantly, once FPG, Inc. installs and designs your sprinkler system, we provide fire sprinkler inspection at no extra charge.

Our engineering and design department is staffed with top-notch designers and engineers, ensuring the most modern techniques are used and the highest level of safety is achieved. If you're ready to undergo the safety precautions that will protect your life's most prized possessions, FPG, Inc. is always the ideal option.