At Fire Protection Group, Inc., our Fire Sprinkler Systems are First Rate

We all remember school days in which fire alarm systems of our school buildings were tested. However, as adults, our fire alarm systems all-too-often go unchecked. At Fire Protection Group, Inc., though, fire and life safety is a never-ending proposition – that's why we're dedicated to providing fire sprinkler systems and other around-the-clock emergency services for maintenance, parts, repairs, inspections, alterations and emergencies.

When we think of fire alarms, thoughts of little red levers under casing often come to mind. But in reality, fire prevention systems don't necessarily indicate the complexity of the average system – the inner-workings beneath the surface are often far more important. It is these sophisticated systems that the team at FPG Inc. design, install and inspect with such meticulous skill and expert craft.

In fact, our options for fire sprinkler inspection are truly unrivaled within the fire safety industry. At FPG, Inc., we're fully dedicated to long-term involvement in maintenance, parts, repairs, inspections, alterations and emergencies. Our award-winning design team adheres to the principles of 'turn-key operation", ensuring that our generators, pumps, ladders and more are all designed for simple, easy implementation.

When our team – led by general manager George Saadian – take on a project, we assume total control. That means that from concept to completion and beyond, our qualified designers, engineers, fabricators and field crews will ensure the effectiveness of your fire prevention strategies on every step of the way. Fire safety is never something to be taken lightly, and with fire alarms from Fire Protection Group, Inc., you'll always be protected.