At Fire Protection Group, Inc., Discover an Ideal Fire Safety Team

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., you'll find a team that is fully committed to involvement in fire prevention and minimizing potential hazards. Though impressive to be sure, our dedication should come as no surprise. With over 200 years of combined experience, our staff has garnered exceptional experience completing projects that range from sprawling university campuses to office buildings, residential buildings and even single family homes, among many other structures.

Though well-known for installing fire alarm systems, the work of our team goes far beyond that. Led by retired Fire Department Chief Al Hernandez, we provide fire safety consulting, fire pump inspection, NFPA25 testing, and various other services. Chief Hernandez was employed by the L.A. Fire Department for over 32 years, and has handled cases for clients at the Los Angeles Fire Department and Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety. However, perhaps his greatest feat yet has been building a stellar team at FPG, Inc., including George Saadian, Al Hernandez and most recently, Captain Bob Holloway

Prior to his retirement from the L.A. Fire Department in 2012, Captain Holloway was in charge of construction services at the department. He is experienced in achieving impeccable results with entitlement jobs, code modifications, and various other projects. With such a stellar track, record, it is no surprise the team at FPG, Inc. has found him to be such an invaluable part of their expert team. To experience the results of true fire safety experts, utilize the services of Fire Protection Group, Inc. for all your fire prevention needs.