Reg 4 Testing – Trust, but Verify

Reg 4 Testing is a necessary part of any fire protection regimen. You see, those of us of a certain age will remember President Ronald Reagan’s use of an old Russian proverb while talking about negotiating a historic nuclear arms treaty with Soviet Union Premier Mikhail Gorbachev: “Trust, but verify,” At Fire Protection Group Inc., we know that this is a sound principle for many things in life and business. Moreover, when it comes to protection a residential or business property from the threat of a fire, it’s obviously essential to be absolutely sure. Trust is wonderful, but it’s never enough when lives are on the line.

Our team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is ready to ensure that all fire safety measures, from fire sprinkler and extinguishers to fire escapes  and more,  are functioning properly at all times. After all, there’s not much use to having a sprinkler system installed if it fails to work in the event of a fire. Our expert team is here to provide all the know-how and experience it takes to ensure that systems are consistently in working order and to find out when repairs are needed to head off a malfunction.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. knows that its ability to perform reg 4 testing and other services rests on our staff and our superb management team. This includes George Saadian, our lead engineer and general manager, retired chief Al Hernandez, formerly of the Los Angeles Fire Department, and Captain Bob Holloway, also formerly of the LAFD.

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