Fire Protection Services that Can Save Lives and Businesses

Fire protection services are very serious business, but you probably knew that. Yes, while it’s extremely obvious that protecting the lives of occupants as well as property is a legal, moral, and fiduciary obligation, how to do so is much less obvious. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to provide the expertise and experience it takes to protect the full range of business and commercial properties from the threat of a fire.

Our team includes some of the most admired names in the Los Angeles area firefighting community. George Saadian, our Lead Engineer and General Manager, is a noted author and expert in the field who has personally been involved with the revision of many important fire codes now currently on the books. He is joined by two highly respected former members of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD): retired chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, formerly involved with construction services for the department.

This range of experience is crucial because fire safety has many aspects. It starts with doing your best to prevent fires from starting in the first place, then moves on to steps which can stop a very small fire from becoming a gigantic blaze, such as providing access to fire extinguishers. Then there are steps to stop or slow down a larger fire, such as fire sprinklers and standpipes, which provide water to firefighters on the higher floors of tall buildings. Finally, there is the matter of protecting a building’s occupants by alerting them early that a fire has started with fire alarms, and ensuring that they have easy and safe access to an exit or, when needed, a fire escape.

Fire Protection Group, Inc., is here to remind you that, while dealing with the threat of a fire is never simple, it can be dealt with by people who know what they’re doing. To find out more, call us or reach out via e-mail today.