Captain Bob Holloway is a Key Member of our Team

Fire Protection Group Inc. is a leader in its field, largely because it understands that any fire safety consulting firm is only as good as its personnel. Captain Bob Holloway is a key member of the team and a prime example of our emphasis on the having the right experts on board.

Before retiring from the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) in 2012, Captain Holloway was in charge of construction services for the department, overseeing projects throughout L.A. to ensure compliance with safety standards. Over his many years with the LAFD, he has acquired a great deal of expertise on such matters as entitlement jobs, modifying codes, and overall compliance. Fire Protection Group Inc.’s clients praise his ability to help them make the needed adjustments to their fire protection plans in the most effective manner possible, while also helping their bottom line by keeping costs well under control.

Captain Holloway is, of course, just one key member of our team. His work is complimented by his fellow LAFD alum, retired chief Al Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez was an inspector at the department’s Fire Prevention Bureau, and he has championed a business friendly approach to fire safety and prevention. Finally, our general manager and lead engineer, George Saadian, is a widely respected expert and a noted author in the field with decades of experience behind him. He has helped to revise a great many of the standards currently on the books.

If you are looking to ensure that a building you own or manage is fully up to code and as well protected as possible against the risk of a blaze, Fire Protection Group Inc. is here to help. Contact us by phone or e-mail today.