A World Class Team to Protect Yours from Fires

While the value of your building can be calculated and reimbursed by insurance companies, the value of your employees’ lives and safety is immeasurable. Each building owner has not only a legal, but also a moral obligation to make sure that their property has all of the necessary safety features to protect the residents or employees of that building if a fire breaks out. Luckily, Fire Protection Group is there to offer all of the necessary design, installation, and inspection services to ensure that your building is up to code when it comes to fire safety and preparedness. No one designs fire sprinkler systems better, because no one has the experience and knowledge about fire safety that Fire Protection Group brings to the table.

Our team is comprised of the mostly highly-trained, experienced professionals of both theory and practice in the field of fire safety. Head engineer George Saadian is one of the most respected minds in fire safety, and has even written portions of the currently standing fire code for the National Fire Protection Association. He passes on this expertise to all of his employees so that they can conduct a necessary fire sprinkler inspection with all of the knowledge of a seasoned veteran. Fire Protection Group also offers installation and testing of equally important fire alarm systems.

While engineering knowledge and theoretical experience is extremely important, Fire Protection Group knows that practical field experience is always necessary to know exactly what it takes to control a fire. That is why we have made LAFD veterans Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway important aspects of our team.