A Working Alarm Saves Lives

In small workplaces, it is often easy for every member of the office to be quickly alerted to the presence of a fire. Yet, in large buildings that have many floors, it requires a working fire alarm system to properly alert residents and workers in every room that an evacuation is necessary. While most buildings have some sort of fire alarm systems in place, many landlords and property managers unfortunately neglect the maintenance of such systems. Simply having these systems installed in the first place is not doing enough to protect the employees and residents of a building. To successfully fulfil their moral obligation to the people in their building, managers must schedule a fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspection to ensure that they are truly prepared for a fire. Luckily, Fire Protection Group Inc., offers thorough inspections of all types of fire safety equipment to ensure that local buildings and businesses are prepared for the worst.

In addition to inspections, Fire Protection Group is also one of the city’s most trusted designers and installers of these systems. With a variety of multi-disciplinary experts on our staff, Fire Protection Group has both the academic expertise and valuable field experience necessary to truly know how to contain a fire. We can design either fire alarm or fire sprinkler systems that are individually catered to match the aesthetics and the needs of your space. We believe that since no two buildings are the same, fire protection systems should not be pre-packaged in their design. With a partnership with Fire Protection Group, you can be sure that your service will be individualized, every step of the way.