A Recalled Fire Sprinkler Has to be Replaced

Fire protection is serious business. We’ve all seen the headlines when buildings without any appropriate protections are engulfed in fire and the sometimes enormous cost in human lives and many millions of dollars lost in liability claims and damages. That’s why using even one potentially nonworking recalled fire sprinkler simply can’t be allowed, and the lingering concern about old Omega fire sprinklers that may not work makes that matter all the more urgent. Fortunately, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to help owners and managers of business and residential properties take the right steps in regards to all types of issues relating to fire safety.

Very obviously, ensuring that a building and its occupants are as safe as possible is a legal, moral, and also a financial must. After all, while there’s every reason to comply with the law and do what’s right in terms of protecting lives and property, the cost of a fire rises exponentially if even one person is harmed in any way. The cost of the kind of large casualty fires that occasionally make tragic headlines is unimaginable and can easily destroy businesses and multiple livelihoods.

The good news is that Fire Protection Group, Inc. can provide you with the skills and experience with one of the most respected teams in the field.  Our lead engineer and general manager is George Saadian, a noted author and expert who has personally helped to revise many of the local fire codes currently in place. Also on board are two former longtime members of the Los Angeles Fire Department: retired chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, who was formerly in charge of building services at the department. Combined with a staff of highly trained, thorough professionals, our team is here to help you ensure that lives and property always fully protected.