A Recalled Fire Sprinkler Can be Replaced

It can be somewhat alarming to find out that a building you own or manage has been using a brand of recalled fire sprinkler. Your first thought is probably about the replacing the sprinklers, which seems logical enough, but with what? This is one of many times when it might be especially useful to contact an organization like Fire Protection Group, Inc.

After all, dealing with issues such as the recalled Omega fire sprinklers, which have had problems due to O-rings that degrade prematurely, might not be enough. Among other reasons, that’s because protecting a building and its occupants from the threat of a fire is a multifaceted task. After all, it’s important to minimize the risk of a fire occurring in the first place. Second, it’s important to allow occupants to leave a facility where a fire might be starting. Finally, it’s important to slow down or stop the spread of a fire that is underway. Clearly, ensuring that fire sprinklers, standpipes, and other measures designed to slow down fires or stop them altogether work as reliably and effectively as possible must be a top priority.

These are just a few of the many reasons to turn to Fire Protection Group, Inc. for ensuring that a business or residential property is as safe from fire as possible. It’s leading team of top fire safety professionals – including veterans of the Los Angeles Fire Department – has the experience and know-how to ensure that buildings are as fire-safe as possible, as cost effectively as possible. To find out more, contact us today!