A Man Who Knows Fire Protection

You may haven’t have heard of George Saadian, but the people in the fire prevention community have. That’s because Saadian, who’s been in the business of fire protection for over 29 years, has dedicated his career to fire safety systems and technology. He founded the Fire Protection Group Inc., and works around some of the most experienced advisors; many of whom have personal experience inside the LAFD. If a building owner doesn’t know the importance of standpipes they’ll want to talk with George Saadian.

Aside from standpipes, there is a multitude of particulars when it comes to proper fire prevention that should be considered. One of these is official inspection. Nobody wants to be non-compliant with NFPA25 testing or any other analysis by professionals. And perhaps the most effective way to deal with inspections and regulations is to have advisors who’ve been on the other side of the equation.

Aside from helping with inspections, the immensely experienced team (with over 200 collective years of time spent in the industry) at the Fire Protection Agency Inc. can also help with the installation of things like fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems. These are just two examples of the numerous options that savvy building managers and owners may want to consider when it comes to equipping their buildings with the proper fire safety measures. Ultimately, fire protection is a nuanced field that requires professionals with a deep pool of knowledge from which to pull to navigate. And when it comes to navigating this world, there are few better leaders than George Saadian and his team at the Fire Protection Group Inc.