A Lifetime of Service

It’s rare to find individuals who dedicate their entire careers to helping their communities. Working for the public and the greater good can often times be a thankless job. But some people are drawn to helping others, and one of those people, is Captain Bob Holloway. Captain Bob is a retired member of the Los Angeles Fire Department, who worked in construction oversight for the majority of his career. He learned about everything from standpipes to fire alarm systems to escape ladders, to make sure that people who build structures in Los Angeles are doing their best to prevent against fires.

Due to this immense experience with the LAFD, Captain Bob knows all about NFPA25 testing as well as numerous other regulations and standards that must be met according to city rules. Fortunately, with Captain Bob’s knowledge, almost any business owner can be confident that he’s going to pass inspections. This is especially critical for small businesses, who have plenty of other issues to worry about, without having to deal with the headache of installing a fire safety system.

And when it comes to fire safety systems, fire sprinkler systems as well as fire alarm systems are usually some of the best options for offices and homes. Captain Bob has studied the best designs and mechanisms behind fire protection, and can make sure the engineers at Fire Protection Group Inc. craft a system that is tailored to each client’s specific needs. And when it comes to regulations and inspections, a system tailored the specific layout of a building can be a huge plus.