A Leader in Fire Protection Systems

If you’re looking for one of the most qualified teams in the fire prevention and protection community, then you need look no further than the Fire Protection Group, Inc. Led by an extraordinarily experienced group, which includes George Saadian, the team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc. stands out because it delivers the very highest level of service, and always puts the client first. They also offer everything from commercial fire sprinklers to stand pipe systems, which are both crucial items for anybody who manages office buildings or other large properties to be aware of.

In other words, for anything from fire sprinkler systems to NFPA25 testing, the expert team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc. has you covered. And with noted fire protection expert George Saadian at the helm, you can be sure that you are getting some of the most qualified advice, services and products in the industry. Captain Bob Holloway and Al Hernandez, both former high-ranking officials of the Los Angeles Fire Department, are also on staff at the Fire Protection Group, Inc., and can help guide our clients through the process of installing fire prevention systems with their unique, expert know-how.

Ultimately, for fire protection solutions in the Greater Los Angeles Area, it’s nearly impossible to beat George Saadian and his team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc. Not only do they care deeply about preventing fires and saving lives, they’ve also made it their mission to offer products and services with the highest level of efficiency and value.