A High Level of Understanding

Fire safety ordinances and regulations are numerous, and nuanced. There are a lot of angles that need to be taken into consideration when installing or inspecting a fire prevention system, and smart Los Angeles building owners and managers will want to consult a business that knows the LAFD. That business is the Fire Protection Group Inc. Made up of a team with over 200 combined years of experience, the Fire Protection Group Inc. will be able to help clients with everything from standpipes to NFPA regulations to fire sprinkler systems.

In fact, building owners have a chance of benefiting greatly from professionals who know NFPA25 testing details, and can help to properly prepare a business. Fire safety compliance is a critical aspect of owning a building, and Fire Protection Group Inc. members Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway know that better than most. That’s because they’ve both been members of the LAFD, have decades of experience, and understand fire prevention from a first person point of view. Somebody would be extremely hard-pressed to find a team that has the same amount of skill and knowledge.

Building owners want to know that they are complying with fire safety laws. In order for this to happen however, they need knowledge and analysis of options like fire sprinkler systems or fire alarms. The Fire Protection Group knows this, and they know how important the LAFD is when it comes to inspections. That’s why they offer highly experienced advisors who understand all the nuances of the law, and firsthand information about the LAFD.