A Fire Sprinkler System is Not a Matter for Amateurs

There are many measures that need to be taken to protect buildings, and their occupants, from the threat posed by a fire. A fire sprinkler system is one important example, but it’s not simply a matter of buying one and just putting it any random locations. Fire codes and common sense dictate that these systems need to be placed appropriately, professionally installed, and tested on a regular basis. And that’s just one of the many realities our team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. regularly deals with on behalf of owners and managers of business and residential properties.

Protecting a building from fire must be handled by experienced professionals, and our leadership team definitely fits that description. George Saadian, a noted expert and author on fire safety, is our lead engineer and general manager, and he’s actually been personally involved in the revision of many of the fire codes that are currently in place. He’s joined by two widely noted Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) veterans: retired chief Al Hernandez, who has been involved with the inspection and maintenance of countless fire systems, and Captain Bob Holloway, formerly tasked with construction services at the department.

Whatever kind of fire protection measures your building requires, the team here at Fire Protection Services is more than up to the challenge of ensure that your building is both fully compliant and as fire safe as possible. At the same time, we are also keenly aware of our client’s financial needs, and so we also work hard to keep costs under control, so you can be fiscally prudent while achieving the highest level of safety.