A Fire Sprinkler from Fire Protection Group, Inc. Offers Top Quality

If you're in the market for the best fire sprinkler for your residence or structure, there are probably many questions on your mind. You'll want to know your fire safety measures are effective, reliable and yet still reasonably priced. Fortunately, at Fire Protection Group, Inc., you'll find a host of services, from fire alarms to sprinklers, extinguishers and even inspections and consulting from the finest fire safety team Southern California has to offer – and always at fair prices.

Fire sprinkler systems are often the primary method of fire hazard control in offices buildings, schools, and even many residential buildings. Yet, for many building owners, quality sprinkler systems can be a substantial and daunting investment. At Fire Protection Group, Inc., prices are always kept as low as possible because we understand the importance of bringing top-notch fire precaution devices to every individual. By offering the top products and services by a truly seasoned team, we can ensure our clients that we will always remain a viable company – and always available to our clients who are looking to protect their loved ones and possessions.

For installation, inspection and consulting on fire pump and sprinkler options, FPG, Inc. is always the ideal choice. How can we be so sure? Simple, our principal staff is made up of some of the most seasoned Los Angeles fire professionals – like our manager and lead engineer George Saadian, Chief Consultant and former LAFD Chief Al Hernandez, and retired LAFD Captain Bob Holloway. Each brings top-tier experience, knowledge, and commitment to their work – making any product or service from FPG, Inc. an invaluable investment for clients.