The Fire Protection Group, Inc. is one of the most trustworthy and effective fire prevention companies in its field. This is due to the whole team at the company, as well as, of course, the leadership. President and Chief Engineer George Saadian, who has been working in the field of fire protection for over three decades, is has made it his goal to FPG, Inc. a leader in terms of innovation and cost effective fire safety.

Among the fire protection solutions that Saadian aims to make as accessible as possible are standpipes and their required installation. Standpipes, for the uninitiated, are one of the best ways to make sure that fire fighters have access to pressurized water on the higher levels of a tall building. Without standpipes, fire fighters would either have to aim their hoses in through windows, or carry a line up the stairs. Standpipes, in other words, make fighting fires significantly easier for fire fighters. Along with standpipe systems, Saadian and the Fire Protection Group, Inc. also offer top-tier fire sprinkler systems that can help to greatly mitigate the damage that a fire may do. They accomplish this by activating as soon as a fire is detected, and spraying water directly on the source of the fire.

And, for companies that want to make sure that all of their fire prevention equipment is up to date and in working condition – and also fully code compliant – the Fire Protection Group, Inc. also offers NFPA25 testing as well as any maintenance that may be required after running the tests. Aside from compliance, this type of testing can make all the difference in an actual fire emergency.