A Fire Protection Consulting Company You Can Really Trust

Providing truly outstanding fire protection consulting is no small matter. After all, the safety of property, livelihoods, and lives are all on the line – it could hardly get more serious. That’s why anyone who owns or manages a property should look for the most knowledgeable, experienced, and proven firm they can find. Led by some of the most widely respected names in Southern California fire safety, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to help all types of organizations and individuals assure that properties are fully compliant and completely fire safe, without doing undue damage to their bottom line.

Fire Protection Group, Inc.’s lead engineer and general manager is George Saadian. A noted author and expert on fire protection consulting, he has helped countless properties to achieve maximum fire safety in the most cost efficient manner possible.  Working with him are two renowned area firefighters, retired Los Angeles Fire Department chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, also formerly of the LAFD. Both men are highly experienced in assessing the fire safety of property from a large number of angles and they are as intimately acquainted as possible with the ins-and-outs of local, state, and federal regulations.

Few companies in the Los Angeles Area – or anywhere else – are as able to provide outstanding fire protection consulting services as Fire Protection Group, Inc. They understand that fire safety and legal compliance are always top priorities, but so is doing so is being fire-safe in a practical and efficient way that supports a business’s bottom line. They’ve helped countless owners and managers achieve those ends, and they are ready to help you.