The outstanding team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. boasts over 200 years of combined experience, much of which comes from retired Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, both of whom are former high-ranking LAFD officials. Al Hernandez was a highly respected leader in the department, while Captain Holloway made a name for himself by being an expert on almost every aspect of fire and building codes. Needless to say, they have an extensive knowledge of fire prevention, which includes everything from fire alarm systems to fire sprinkler systems.

Al Hernandez and Captain Holloway – along with general manager and lead engineer George Saadian, Fire Protection Group, Inc. – also have expert knowledge of other fire prevention tools such as stand pipes and all of their related components. Stand pipes, for the uninitiated, are crucial fire prevention system for fire fighters because it allows them to have direct access to a pressurized water source on the higher levels of a multi-story building.

Along with fire alarm systems, and stand pipes, the team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc. also offers fire sprinkler inspection that is ideal for home or building owners who want to make sure their fire prevention systems are up to code, and in working order. This is extremely important because these systems must be active and ready to react when and if a fire emergency breaks out. By testing these systems before an actual emergency occurs, officials can find and fix problems that would be compounded if they were left unrepaired.