A Fire Escape Ladder is a Matter of Life and Death

We all know what a fire escape ladder looks like, and many of us see them on a daily basis, but few of us take the time to think about them very much. Of course, that all changes for the few of us who actually have to use one to escape from a fire. At that point, having access to a fire escape ladder that is fully operational is far from an academic matter, it’s the difference between surviving the fire relatively unscathed and suffering a grievous injury or worse. At Fire Protection Group, Inc., we are in the business of insuring that residential and business structures large and small are fully protected against the threat of a fire, and we have years of expertise behind us.

Our leadership team features three of the most respected members of the L.A. Area firefighting community. Our general manager and lead engineer is George Saadian, a respected author and expert in the field who has helped to personally revise many of the codes currently on the books. Retired Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) chief Al Hernandez, our chief consultant, has devoted his life to ensuring that fire safety systems are on point.  Our team also boasts the presence of Captain Bob Holloway, also formerly of the LAFD. Prior to his retirement in 2012, he ran construction services for the department, with the power of oversight and approval of all projects.

Nothing is more serious than the threat of a fire. It can destroy businesses, livelihoods, and lives. To ensure that all aspects of your fire safety program are in order, from fire escape ladders to sprinkler systems to alarms, contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. today.