A Fire Escape Ladder from FPG, Inc. Makes all the Difference

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., we're celebrated throughout Southern California for providing impeccable leadership in fire safety to property owners and managers of office buildings, residences, skyscrapers and even government buildings. Our fire alarm systems are developed by a team that is fully-committed to a long-term involvement in matters of safety and prevention.

Whether the work we're doing is part of new construction or retrofitting of an existing building, our team at FPG, Inc. is ideal for fire pump testing, design, installation and maintenance of protection systems. From concept to completion and beyond, every step of the turn-key operations at FPG, Inc. is performed by our qualified staff of designers, engineers, fabricators, project managers and field crews.

One integral aspect of our fire prevention work is our testing, inspection and maintenance department at FPG, Inc. Too often, a structure will be equipped with the latest high tech fire alarm system, sprinklers and fire escape ladder, but the building owner will neglect to ensure that the equipment is working effectively. Fortunately, FPG, Inc. has a large and top-notch testing, inspection and maintenance division that is available to respond to client needs 24 hours a day. Our team is even licensed and approved to perform testing of all fire protection systems as per Regulation #4.

As a global leader in fire prevention and fire safety, we're dedicated to living up to our reputation by effectively protecting every customer we work with. We've gained the respect of government officials, municipalities and inspectors, and we're eager to assist you with various fire prevention needs.