A Fire Escape Drop Ladder is a Detail Among Many

Protecting a building against a fire is a complex matter, involving a great many facets. Choosing the right fire escape drop ladder, for example, might seem like a relatively minor technical detail, but if you’re one of the people actually using that drop ladder to escape a burning building, it will seem anything but technical or minor. At Fire Protection Group, Inc., we understand that a great many of the decisions we make can easily become a matter of life and death under the wrong set of circumstances. While we work hard to prevent fires and ensure that those circumstances never come to pass, we also work just as hard to minimize the potential harm to people and property in the event of a fire.

From fire extinguishers to prevent very small fires from becoming major conflagrations, to standpipes to ensure that firefighters have access to water on higher floors, to ensuring that escape routes are available and clearly marked, Fire Protection Group Inc. is here to implement best practices in all aspects of fire protection. We believe strongly that, while business and residential buildings must fully comply with all relevant fire codes, actual fire safety is even more important.

We believe strongly that our edge in providing the very best in fire protection is our people. That begins with our lead engineer and general manager, George Saadian – a noted author and expert in the field. Fire Protection Group Inc. also boasts the services of two of the most respected alumni of the Los Angeles Fire Department, retired chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. In the world of fire safety, the best fire protection always boils down to the kind of knowledge and experience that only comes with years of doing everything in your power to prevent and fight fires.