A Fire Dept. Inspection Calls for Preparation

Fire protection is serious business and so is getting ready for a fire dept. inspection. After all, if you own or manage one or more business or residential properties you know that compliance with fire and safety codes is crucial, but so is actual fire safety…yet you still need to be concerned with your bottom line as well! Fire Protection Group Inc. is here to provide the necessary support to ensure that clients are fully aware of their status when it comes to preventing fires from happening and when it comes to limiting the damage they can create. They are here to provide clients with an inside track on working with the fire department as well as tenants and others so that all parties understand that fire safety is being appropriately managed.

One reason that so many have turned to us when it comes to providing fire consultation services is our outstanding team led by some of the most respected figures in Los Angeles area fire safety. These include two former members of the Los Angeles Fire Department, retired chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. Also on board is our lead engineer and general manager, George Saadian, a respected author and expert on fire protection. Our team members have also contributed to revising many of the fire codes already in place, which means that we can offer our clients a uniquely detailed understanding of the ins-and-outs of fire code protection and compliance.

If you are looking for a truly comprehensive approach to your fire safety situation, Fire Protection Group. Inc. is here to do the job. To get started, contact us today.