A Bit More about FPG, Inc.'s President, George Saadian

Fire Protection Group, Inc. brings together a large group of talented experts in the fire safety industry, chief among them George Saadian. General manager and lead engineer of Fire Protection Group, Inc., George Saadian himself has decades of experience working as a fire safety consultant and engineer. His career started in college, where he studied Fire Protection Engineering at UCLA following a BS degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. These dissimilar skillsets have truly converged here at Fire Protection Group, Inc., where George Saadian has combined effective fire safety engineering with talented leadership since 1985.

His relationship with fire safety continued outside of schooling, with additional training from the American Fire Sprinkler Association. He's written revisions and additions for the National Fire Protection Association and has also served on the American Fire Sprinkler Association Southern California Chapter and the Los Angeles Fire Sprinkler Technical Committee. He's truly proficient on the codes that mandate standards for fire sprinklers and protection systems in Southern California.

What separates Fire Protection Group, Inc. from their peers is that they perform every step of the process in-house. From design and fabrication to testing and repairs, the Fire Protection Inc. team can efficiently create custom-made sprinklers, alarms, and fire pumps for sale for industrial, commercial, and residential clients alike. Also a perk is that George Saadian is the only engineer in California who is qualified and certified to perform Reg 4 tests on all water delivery, fire safety, and fire alarm systems systems. Give FPG, Inc. a call to learn more about Mr. Saadian and the Fire Protection Group, Inc. team.