Gain Support from Elite Field Crews

Having a top-tier fire prevention system installed in your home or office is an important part of overall structural safety; this is obvious, and commonplace knowledge for almost anybody who owns a home or office. But having those systems reviewed and inspected by professionals on a regular basis can be less obvious, although equally important. When it’s time to have your commercial fire sprinklers inspected, or your overall fire protection plan reviewed, then you should contact the expert team at Fire Protection Group, Inc.

And if “expert team” sounds like an exaggeration, you should hear about the Fire Protection Group, Inc.’s team’s credentials first. Led by a trio made up of George Saadian, retired Los Angeles Fire Department chief Al Hernandez, and Captain Bob Holloway, the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. has over 200 years of combined experience. Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway are also both former high-ranking officials of the LAFD, which means they have first-hand knowledge of how the LAFD deals with fire safety and regulation, and more commonplace preventative measures like fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm installations.

Whether you’re looking for fire protection for your home or office for the first time, or for inspections and reviews of systems that you already have installed, and you live in the Greater Los Angeles Area, then you’ll want to contact the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. as soon as possible. Fire Protection Group, Inc. has top ratings from almost all of its former customers, and its expert team will do everything in its power to make sure your systems are in the best possible working order.