Fire Pump Systems Can Help Save Lives!

If you’re building any type of large structure in the Greater Los Angeles Area, then chances are you already know about all of the critical safety measures that must be adhered to, especially those concerning fire protection and prevention. But knowing about these critical safety measures is only half the battle. You will, of course, need these systems installed by fire protection consulting professionals – fire protection consulting professionals like those at Fire Protection Group, Inc. who can help with the installation of everything from fire sprinkler systems to fire pump systems to NFPA25 testing.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. has one of the most trustworthy and reliable leadership teams in the industry, and includes noted industry authority George Saadian as well as former high-ranking Los Angeles Fire Department officials like Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway. Between Saadian, Hernandez, and Holloway, the Fire Protection Group, Inc.’s leadership team boasts countless years of real world experience. Much of this experience also comes from first-hand encounters with all types of fires, which means these experts have seen it all, and can make sure you’re prepared as best as possible for any and all fire-related emergencies.

On top of installing, maintaining and supporting top-tier fire prevention systems, Captain Bob Holloway can also make sure that your buildings are up to code, and ready to pass official inspections and regulations. Captain Holloway and the rest of our team have extensive knowledge of NFPA25 testing, and he will do everything in his power to make sure that clients’ structures pass all safety inspections with flying colors. This is important not only for making sure your building is up and running as soon as possible, but also for protecting its inhabitants against the dangerous of a sudden fire emergency.