Fire Protection Consulting is Crucial

The Greater Los Angeles Area is home to some of the most dedicated fire prevention specialists in the country. That means that if you’re looking to protect your home or office against fires with reliable fire protection system, as well as reliable fire protection system maintenance and support, you won’t have any shortage of options. But even though Los Angeles has plenty of fire protection consulting professionals, some businesses still stand out among the rest. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is one of those businesses, because it has an incredible track record with its clients, as well as an extraordinary leadership team.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. has made a name for itself as one of the top-tier fire protection and prevention businesses in the Greater Los Angeles Area not only because of its quality, reliable systems, but also because it’s led by extraordinarily experienced professionals like George Saadian and Al Hernandez. Both Saadian and Hernandez have decades of experience with fire protection methods and best practices, and Hernandez, as a former high-ranking Los Angeles Fire Department official, knows all the tricks of the trade, which will translate over to you having one of the most outstanding fire prevention set-ups possible.

Captain Bob Holloway formerly of the Los Angeles Fire Department is also part of the leadership at Fire Protection Group, Inc., and like Hernandez, he has extensive experience with the Los Angeles Fire Department and the way they prevent and fight fires. Captain Holloway also has extensive knowledge of NFPA25 testing, which means that he can help to make sure your buildings are in perfect order, and ready to pass any and all inspections.