An Experienced Fire Watch Can Safeguard Your Building

Hopefully, the current home or office building you’re in has multiple fire protection systems, such as fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and maybe even standpipes. Sometimes these systems need to shut down however, whether because of a renovation to the building, or because some type of repair needs to be performed. And in these situations, even though you don’t have working fire prevention systems, you can still protect yourself with an experienced fire watch team from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is one of Southern California leading fire protection and prevention businesses, which provides everything from fire systems installation to NFPA25 testing. The team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. also includes some of the industry’s best fire safety consultants including George Saadian, Captain Bob Holloway, and Al Hernandez. Both Holloway and Hernandez are former high-ranking LAFD officials, which is a big reason Fire Protection Group, Inc. has such a good relationship with the LAFD.

The next time you make a renovation to your home or office, or suspend your fire prevention system’s functioning for some other reason, make sure you contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. first. The Fire Protection Group, Inc. can provide you with a top-tier team of professionals who will come to whichever structure you want to protect, and will make sure you get some of the best in-person protection in the business. The team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. can also fulfill all of your other fire prevention and protection needs as well, at competitive prices, and with quality guaranteed.